Too many people in Door County cannot be as active as they would like due to nagging pain and injuries.

With the right chiropractic care they will experience freedom from pain and enjoy living everyday life again.

We provide effective treatment that allows them to perform well in life, work and sport.

You Deserve To Feel Better So That You Can Live A Healthier Life

How Chiropractic Care Helps You Achieve Your Goals
Feel Better, Faster
Get back to living your best life, free from pain.
Patient-Centered Care You Deserve
A customized care plan specific to your needs to restore optimal health.
Stay Healthy For Life
Receive all the tools, stretches and exercises you need to keep moving for a lifetime.
Pain is very common, but it is not normal.
You deserve to feel great about your health.

Too many people suffer from on-going aches and pains and accept them as a normal part of life.  We know the frustrations and difficulties that come from living life this way. At Elite Spine & Sport, LLC we believe that a better quality of living is the result of you becoming active in your own healthcare. Our mission is simple: help you achieve and exceed your health goals, and empower you to perform well in life, work and sport.

We do this by:

  • Taking a very global, comprehensive and individual view of your case.
  • Providing a clear and accurate diagnosis. 
  • Rendering gentle, effective, evidence-based treatment.
  • Equipping you with exercises, stretches and other tools to stay healthier than ever. 
Dr. Derek Grenfell Understands The Importance Of Getting You The Right Care For Your Pain.

Making strong, healthy people that are able to live life to its fullest, is the main motivation behind all Dr. Grenfell does.  Whether you are an Ironman triathlete, expecting mother, retiree, suffering from pain and injury or simply looking to perform better, this concept pertains to you.  Dr. Grenfell can help you become active in your healthcare in order to achieve optimal human performance.

 While outside the office, Dr. Grenfell enjoys spending time with his wife, Gina and their three daughters, Charlotte, Louisa and Adelaide.  Dr. Grenfell has a passion for the outdoors and can often be found training at the gym, hiking, biking or hunting.  He is also the Head Coach and Founder at the Armati Collective, a functional fitness and nutrition facility in Sturgeon Bay. 

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"I've been struggling with pain for years and have been told that I would need surgery.

I have experienced a significant reduction in pain by visiting Dr. Grenfell. I am sleeping better and am able to be more physically active without discomfort for longer periods of time. Dr. Grenfell doesn't just adjust me and tell me to come back next week. He is teaching me to break bad habits I never knew I had and learn new habits so that I can enjoy being active again and continue to gain strength."

-Dawn Daoust, Google Review

"I needed someone who could effectively address my chronic lower back pain.

To my surprise the quality of the services I've received have been remarkable. Dr. Grenfell has provided me with the necessary tools to allow more mobility and functionality in my everyday activities. My quality of life has been better than it has been in years since I started seeing him. He has one of the best bedside manners I have ever seen. I found him to be patient centered with an emphasis of teaching exercises and movements I can use as I get older. He has given me hope and a feeling of confidence. It is without hesitation that I can recommend him unconditionally."

Dan Ancone, Google Review

Feeling Great Is A Simple Process.

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Do The Things You Love
It's time to live your life, free from pain.

Don't Let Pain Hold You Back Any Longer.

You deserve to live life the way you want.

Imagine how great it would feel to perform your very best in life, work and sport.

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